hi guys. if you've been following this blog for a period of time, you would know that i've been neglecting it for a long time now. what began as a short semi-hiatus has turned into just ignoring it as a whole. i'll try to make this short but, for several reasons, i'm just not as passionate for doctor who and its fandom as i used to be. ever since the christmas special's hiatus, my interest for doctor who had dwindled to the point where i no longer cared for new updates or just anything involving the fandom. it didn't help that i was beginning to branch out into different fandoms that i enjoyed being in a lot better, but that's another unimportant thing.

because of this, i'll be going on a complete hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. the thing is, i'm still very much in love with the show and i hope to one day rejoin it with the same interest i had for it last year. i'll try to return when series 7 is aired during the fall and maybe even check back every now and then until then, but i can't guarantee anything. i hope this is for the best and i really am truly sorry if this has caused any inconvenience or anything like that. sorry if i made it seem like a really dramatic sendoff but i thought i owed you guys an explanation instead of leaving this blog abandoned. to everybody who is, by some miracle, sad to see me go... before i go, i just wanna tell you, you were fantastic. absolutely fantastic. and you know what? so was i. wowsuchacheesyendingforalongblockoftextforgiveme
updated: 4/17/14